Features, questions and answers for sellers

Find buyers
  • Write demands (your wants or trouble) on the ​Demandic Ocean map to find the right seller.
  • Receive demands automatically filtering by keywors, areas, and price range with receivers.
  • Provide your product listing on the Supplandia.(in plan)
Listen to buyers and resolve their problems
  • Exchange messages, photos, videos, PDFs and other files in chat sessions.
  • Talk face to face in a video session. Call participantes by email or chime. All view/person view. Up to 3 people in Full HD. (video for many people is under development.)
  • Make a quote and send it.
  • Drag to offer your product from your product list on the Supplandia to a Banban board.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Send a link (URL) to invite to a video session.
  • Operate the app with audio only.
Sharing projects within your organization
  • Simple Kanban-style task/lead management. (in plan)
  • Note sharing, file sharing.
  • Multiple chat sessions within the organization, video meetings.
  • Hide trade menu in workplace mode.
  • Send and share the project to people outside the organization on the banban board. (in plan)
  • Quickly switch projects in expert mode.
  • Create organizations. Switch organizations.
  • Create groups and branches to manage access rights. (in plan)
  • Invite others to Demandic or your organization.
  • Manage users.
  • Show organization's profiles and SDGs reports.
  • Send and receive Thanks! message for feedback.
  • Enjoy changing the colors, background image and title of the app. Branding. (for each organization/user)
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For the time being, we would like to ask you to actively float your demands and invite your acquaintances. Once demands are accumulated in the ​​Demandic Ocean, the number of purchasers also increases, making it easier to find customers. You can easily invite anyone to Demandic from "Invite friends, customers" in the user menu.
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Start the app. Registration
No installation is needed. You can add to the home screen.
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