It is a place for buying and selling (market) that aims to increase YOUR income and to resolve economic inequality automatically by repeating buying and selling. Shops and companies sell.
A product or service someone wants to purchase, like "I want a..." or "I'm need help with...".
The Demandic Ocean, the Demandic
The map with floating demands.
Chat or video session between a buyer and a seller.
A place of related demands and sessions. For example, "Project for buying a used car" and "Project for selling pianos".
User registration creates an individual user account. After login you can create organizations. You can also join an organization and become one of its member users.
A company, a family, or anything else that has organization users.
D-address, D-domain
Used for messaging and organizations like an email address and an Internet domain name. sam-hirai//toyotan is an example of D-address and //toyotan is an example of D-domain. D-domain for individual users is //demandic.
Demandic Ocean Projectarrow_right
It's an open innovation project that aims to revitalize local economies, increase income, and resolve inequality as per the goals of the United Nation's SDGs utilizing Demandic and an advanced capitalist, demand economy. Individuals, firms, governments, and anyone can participate.
Peace and Passion
An organization that is developing and operating the above.
Demand shift!
In order to easily eliminate disparities and global warming, when floating demands on the Demandic Ocean, each user floats demands toward the periphery of the city. A large number of demands in the city shift to the surrounding area, which shifts work opportunities. Overcrowding (slumification) of cities will gradually be eased, and employment in the provincial area will increase. (hypothesis)
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