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Demandic Ocean Project

Be richer, be peaceful.
You! Everybody!

The Demandic Ocean Project is an open innovation project that aims to revitalize local economies, increase income, and resolve inequality as per the goals of the United Nation's SDGs. Anyone can participate -- individuals, firms, organizations, governments, etc. -- to resolve the social issues utilizing a next generation economic platform, Demandic and an advanced capitalist, demand economy.

Issues we challenge

Increasing income disparities due to the rapid progress of information technology and globalization are intensifying competition in society. In many regions, the economy is declining, and that increases distortion by causing concentration in large cities. Many people lack enough money for their daily lives and the education of their children. The problem exceeds the limits of individual effort and income redistribution by the state, and people are left without peace of mind. In addition, incidents, terrorism, and conflicts increase, and our world becomes quite unstable.

Our goal

Through buying and selling on the Demandic, we will contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including 1. Zero poverty, 2. Zero Hunger, 8. Economic growth, 10. Reduced inequalities, 16. Peace. And we will realize the following.

  1. Revitalize local economies.
  2. Increase everybody's income.
  3. Mitigate excessive competition and inequality. Using Demandic, demand shift! or other means, each participant directly distributes demands.

Join us!

We have the following activities in the project. Individuals, firms, organizations, and government are welcome. Send an email to demandic[at]peace-and-passion.com with group names you want to join. The project is operated by Peace and Passion.

You are encouraged to join the project to cooperate with each other, realize goals, and make a lot of friends! Each group is a group of small teams. Since a team has three people, a new participant is team up with other two people. Talk within the team to have a nice name.

Launch group
Teams spread the Demandic to new areas to increase popularity. Areas are assigned to teams. Five teams for NY and three teams for Florida, for example.
Language group
Each language has its team for translation and improvement of the app and the web.
Support group
They support new users and troubleshoot problems.
Monitoring group
They watch for invalid or illegal use.
Alliance partners
Organizational members which contribute to the project actively and keep in touch with Peace and Passion.
Employees of Peace and Passion responsible for operations and R&D of the Demandic app and the project.
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