Goals and Policies

Be richer, be peaceful.
You! Everybody!

Through buying and selling on the Demandic, we will contribute to a part of United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including 1. No poverty, 2. Zero Hunger, 8. Decent work and economic growth, 10. Reduced inequalities, 13. Climate action, 16. Peace. And we will realize the following.

  1. Revitalize each local economy. Buy locally, reduce CO2.
  2. Increase everybody's income.
  3. Mitigate excessive competition and inequality. Using Demandic, demand shift! or other means, each participant directly distributes demands.

Code of Conduct

There are many things in life really, aren't there? Let's be kind and help each other.

Share opportunities. Find a good balance between competition and cooperation.

Don't judge people by race, age, gender, rich and poor, nationality, handicap, religion, political beliefs, etc.


Increase each person's income and improve the whole economy by distributing your demands (income opportunities) to sellers using Demand Shift! as much as possible.

Buy locally if possible, reduce CO2.

Here, the sellers act with the highest priority to contribute to customers and society. Be conscientious as a proper purchaser. If you don't buy, thank them with a happy card.

Consultation costs for the shop. Remember that it is included in the price after all. If they say, "the final price", don't ask for further discounts. If you're not in a hurry, it's better to float a demand on a rainy day when the shop is less crowded.

The last person to decide is yourself. You are responsible for your choices.


Increase each person's income and improve the whole economy by sharing demands (income opportunities). Thus, don't take too many demands.

Here, the most important value is contribution to customers and society. If you understand that, profits and happiness will follow you.

Business owners and investors shouldn't take the increased profit, let workers have it. That's important to grow the economy and your income.

Don't be too aggressive. Maintain a balance between competition and fairness.

Most buyers are seeking products that meet their demand and are reasonably priced. Don't sell things that are unnecessarily expensive.

Don't pressure the buyer to make a purchase. Be honest.

Pax Demandica

The biggest cause of inequality and poverty is war. People come to support war and terrorism because of financial unrest and competition.

If we follow the above policies in our daily transactions, even a little, we'll realize that we don't have to worry about money. Then, we won't have to have wars or militaries, and we will be more prosperous than any time in history.

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