Limitations and known issues

We are working hardly at our full speed. But, since it is currently in the testing stage, there are many limitations and bugs. We show the big ones below. Please let us know your opinion or bug report from the form on the support page.
  • Until the number of participants increases, it is likely that you will not be able to purchase even if you float a demand. Please cooperate in inviting new users and spreading the demand on social media.
  • You are logged out while my computer is sleeping. Please log in again.
  • It takes time to load the Demandic app in the browser. If you install Demandic as an app (command) and keep it open all the time, it will not take load time. For Chrome, there is an install icon in the address bar, so press it. For other browsers, a dialog prompting you to install will be displayed. It cannot be installed from the App store.
  • Opening the Demandic app in multiple tabs of the browser at the same time causes errors and unexpected behavior.
  • Displaying a lot of demands on the ​​Demandic Ocean slows down the display. The same applies to other maps such as profiles. When you feel scrolling the map is slow, tap the + button on the map to reduce the number of items.
  • The message displayed when a seller fails to be selected with an entry is incorrect.
  • Currently, the close time and break time of the ​​Demandic Ocean are not available.
  • You can add users to your organization only by invitation. Administrators cannot unilaterally add users.
  • Organization user accounts can only be deleted by administrators. The organization user cannot delete the account himself/herself.
  • Mutual checking of demands is not available yet.
  • In rare cases, the card may disappear on the Banban board.
  • Expired demands will remain visible after more than 3 months.
  • The unread mark may not be displayed correctly. Also, the unread mark disappears in a week.
  • Notification emails such as new chat messages will be sent to everyone in the organization.
  • You cannot stop the delivery of notification emails.
  • A video session can be attended by up to 3 people at the same time. Feature for more participants is under development and will be available.
  • When you press the "Join and ring" button in a video session, everyone in your organization will receive a notification email and chime sound.
  • The online shop function "Supplandia", which you can purchase from the product list, is under development. It's about 70% done.
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