We are Peace and Passion, a social start-up that originated in A AIST and Tsukuba University. We started the Demandic Ocean project to help address economic inequality. To support everyone affected by the COVID-19 economic crisis we have made our remote buying/selling platform free of fees.

Due to the widening economic disparity in recent years anxiety levels have increased and societies have become unstable. COVID-19 has hit us where it hurts: "I lost my job," "No food for my children".

If people keep buying as before, local shops can stay in business and employees can keep working. Please use Demandic for that. We hope our novel technology makes it convenient for you.

We are going to launch in New York City and Los Angeles in the United States where there are the largest number of infected persons in the world. And we are going to spread it to 190 countries. So, please help.

We truly hope that you overcome this crisis and we all build richer lives.

Float demands

The Demandic Ocean is empty at the first stage. No shops there.

Please create three or four demands (your wants) with longer time frames. Desires such line "Want to have a house" or "I want to go to the moon" would be OK. Repeatedly floating demands will fuel the development of buyer and seller communities, making the platform convenient for all users.

We need your support

Social business strives to address social problems rather than maximizing profit. However, until the business becomes self-sustaining, support from sponsors is required.

We encourage you to support the project as a contributor or a staff member.

Sponsorship from individuals, governments and organizations is welcome. You logo will be shown all over the world.

So, after the free period??

Depending on our ability to attract sponsors, we would like to continue the free period for about 4 months or more if possible.

After the free period, buyers can use it for free. Sellers need to pay an entry fee to receive demands. Set your own entry fees according to the value of demands to your business and your ability to pay.

Since we decided to open it free

For years, we have been working to develop a next-generation economic system. Immediately after the beginning of the corona crisis, we decided to open it for free and accelerated our development efforts. Though many unfinished parts remain, we have released it anyway.

This is something new that is standing on the shoulders of giants and requires verification. There is no time to perform sufficient verification before release. Let's fix problems while running.

We have found that it is a thing that's "easier said than done" precisely because it is difficult to build a unprecedented theory, construct a complex information system, and spread it to the world. It's tempting to criticize our efforts, but please be broad-minded and give us some help.


We gratefully acknowledge AIST, Tsukuba University, friends, contributors, sponsors, many open source developers, and family for their support.

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