When choosing and deciding alone or with somebody.

Banban board

A decidable app for decision making for shopping and work.

Video of Banban board
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■ Place cards.
■ Sort the cards to Niban(2nd) and Ichiban(1st).
OK, you have decided!

Even if you have many candidates, you can decide neatly.

Sort favorite cards into the upper lanes. No longer you get confused what's better in many browser tabs.
Banban board

Drag-and-drop products from online shops.

Copy URLs on a smartphone. Press a buy button to push the products into the shopping cart on a shop*2,3.
Banban board

Enjoy with your family or friends remotely.

Both sides can move cards on a shared Banban board during a chat and video session on Demandic.
Banban board

Vertical or horizontal. Coordinate clothes.

Try coordination different tops and bottoms.
Banban board

Compare and decide travel schedules.

Make some patterns on a day to compare.
Banban board

Enjoy story writing.

Story A or story B? Arrange cards to compare. Also good for titles, patent claims, strategic planning.
Banban board

Website bookmarking.

You can bookmark links and images by drag-and-drop.
Banban board


Banban board is available from the project menu on Demandic.

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No installation is needed. You can add to the home screen.
devices The Demandic app runs on latest web browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Edge on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
  • *1 Patent pending.
  • *2 In plan.
  • *3 Available if the online shop supports Push-in-Cart.
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