Hope to spread for the COVID-19 crisis. Save people with this safe remote purchase/sale app.
Banban board for investigation ▶︎Sellers ▶︎
When you buy, hire, or get but having no idea or don't have time to investigate



Illustration of demands on the demandic ocean map

Just write "I want something like..." to buy or get easily on the map

Give it a try to write a demand
It won't be saved or published unless you login.

With your control and built-in mechanisms, you can revitalize local economies and stop global warming. We aim to increase YOUR income and resolve economic inequality through buys and sells by many poeple.

Video of Demandic for buyers Video of Demandic for buyers
Screenshot of Demandic Ocean
Screenshot of Demandic Ocean
Screenshot of a session and video
screenshot of Banban board
Screenshot of Demandic Ocean
Screenshot of menu
Screenshot of menu

Sellers are stores, experts, and companies. Although it isn't for paid trade between individuals, useful for free stuff.

When to use Demandic

Banban board for investigation yourself
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The points

Just write, "I want something like..." or "My problem is..."

Float it as a demand on the Demandic Ocean map. Good for purchase new or used, rentals, hiring, job searches, transportation, free stuff, etc. Even for things such as cars and construction that you don't want buy at online shops*1, 2.

Sporty red car

I'm looking for a used red car like this. Budget: $10,000

Illustration of a red sporty car

Get offers that fit your needs and budget

Chat in text or video. You can specify the number of shops, experts or companies for the offers.
Illustration of a family

Compare offers and buy wisely

Comparative shopping saves money, and you can avoid failures with professional advice.
Illustration of a family

Buy safely in the COVID-19 crisis

Choose one you like and request delivery or pick it up at the shop. No long stay in shops.
Screenshot of handing a product

Enjoy shopping with your friends

Share chat, video, and Banban boards with your family or friends.
Illustration of a family

Best when you investigate yourself

Sort cards to decide what to buy on the Banban board. Enjoy coordinating clothes.
Banban board

Increase local jobs and incomes

The gap will widen if profits (wealth) are centralized on specific sellers. On Demandic, you will chat with randomely selected sellers. Use the map to buy or get locally.
Illustration of a family

Respect your privacy

Demandic doesn't track your personal information. No ad tracks you. You decide how much detail to write on a demand and where to float it on the map.

For individual, family and company use

Anyone can make organizations. Feature rich such as project sharing, task management, note/file sharing, in-house chat, video meeting.

DX, SX and remote procurement

Reduce CO2 emissions with local purchases. Meet new suppliers.

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In our survey, 63% of people said they would like to use it.

language Available in 190 countries, 170 currencies, and 37 languages.
devices The Demandic app runs on latest web browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Edge on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
people Individuals, organizations, and public sector can use it for purchases.


Follow updates and share for COVID-19.

We need your help

Due to the pandemic, so so many people have lost their lives or jobs. No time to lose.

As demands increase, users will gather and it will become a secure and convenient place for remote purchases and sales. You can use it for free and your privacy will be protected.

Sellers, please setup a receiver to receive demands that request your products automatically. When making an entry to a demand, please float a new demand for a purchase or procurement of your own.

Thanks! 👍

Follow updates and share for COVID-19.
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  • *1 Patents are hold by Peace and Passion and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.
  • *2 Click-to-cart style shopping will be available in a future release.
Demandic is in the testing and hypothetical stage. There are many problems and limitations. Service suspension, data exposure or data loss may occur. Support and warranty are provided by sellers with different policies. See the public profile page of the seller.
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